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"I am that I Am sent me here."

Touch of Heaven is the vision given to a couple who walked together but received different journeys to their faith. One experienced death through the white tunnel and miraculously was restored to life while the other received the Word slowly and persistently over 28 years through an unwavering heartfelt relationship with a blind horse. God speaks and works in the most unusual ways, and these are only two of the many amazing testimonials at Touch Of Heaven. TOH is about different people from many nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds coming together as one to celebrate as a community of believers. TOH will be a destination that will continue to attract and uncover the many assignments of people that will prayerfully and hopefully be called to give God all the Glory.

Touch Of Heaven is an oasis located in an area that has been prayed and meditated on for decades to be one of the safest places in North America. TOH is called to become a biblical and model community that allows our brothers and sisters to be secure, and safely surrounded by like-minded people, in a pristine and abundant environment. Through the stewardship of productive land, cultivating animals and crops we see the opportunity to be a nourishing community that encapsulates a beautiful environment to recreate in good times and thrive in times of need. We believe in the stewardship of our time, talent, and treasure and we believe that the Word calls us to be good stewards in all times and seasons. We believe in the wisdom to be ready and prepared for a safe place for ourselves, our children, and those who will need our help.

Touch Of Heaven is a place for community, prayer, and worship, there is a Healing and Prayer Center available to all churches, congregations, and people who are called to join others in Christ and carry out His assignments amongst other believers on this anointed ground. This serenity and scenic beauty nurture the growth of faith to joyfully complete God’s assignments through the personal gifts He bestowed upon us for the betterment of all.

Touch Of Heaven is currently preparing the sanctuary, and land to accommodate His bride. This anointed ground will nurture and provide for those called to be the foundation of this assignment.

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