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“The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” Let anyone who hears this say,“Come.”Let anyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who desires drink freely from the water of life.”
Revelation 22:17 (NLT) 

The focus of Touch Of Heaven is to have a community of Christians who function as a congregation to provide worship, fellowship, home school, community support, spiritual guidance and growth to this group who are called to come together to help themselves, their families, and others, as directed by His spirit and Word. We will strive to use our individual gifts collectively and our abundant natural resources of the land to accomplishment great things for the Kingdom. Like the first century church in Jerusalem, those who have the ability and heart will give to the community and the community will in turn support their journey as well.


The spiritual support, nurturing and growth is of the utmost priority for our congregation and the on site residences will be available and tailored to specific needs and availabilities for those who are called to be a part of TOH.


All the agricultural production and recreational activities will be God centric and for the acknowledgement of Jesus. People are asked to feel free to contribute to these areas as the Holy Spirit directs them.


The Lord has provided much land with abundant resources to provide a source of food, sustenance, abodes, income and jobs. The agricultural aspects are gifts for us to use and protect wisely and faithfully.


The inherent natural beauty of this anointed land is another blessed gift for us to enjoy and protect while we are the caretakers. The spiritual and church activities range from retreats, gatherings, conferences, revivals or simply a place for prayer time. The recreational aspects are abound from fishing, hiking, boating, camping and other outdoor activities to enjoying quiet time on the miles of prayer trails.


During these unsettling times, many are hearing in their prayers and sharing the prophesies of the scriptures and the ensuing end-time events. Few have had the time, inclination and/or resources to create and develop such a unique place as TOH.


We are all on a journey for the Lord, believing in Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit and welcome you to join us.

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